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Orthotics are a Common Treatment for Foot Pain and Injuries

The Solution to Heel Pain

When you stand up or walk or run, you put a lot of pressure on your knees, your ankles and the arch of your foot. While all of them are made to withstand the pressure, there is a limit to their tolerance. If any of them is overworked, you remain at risk of foot pain that would hinder your ability to stand upright, to walk properly and to run or jog. Injuries are also part and parcel of life and they can also cause the same issues when the injury affects your leg. 

The thing about foot pain and foot injuries is that you won’t be able to do any of the routine tasks because of it. We rely on our feet a lot in order to complete any task as almost every task involves moving around at the very least. With severe foot pain, putting pressure on your leg becomes extremely painful and thus, it almost handicaps the person completely until the pain goes away. 

There can be a variety of reasons which cause foot pain but what’s important is that you find a solution the problem which would help in easing the pain. Orthotics remains one such treatment which can easily reduce foot pain and treat leg injuries too. 

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are simple devices that provide support to your feet so that the pressure applied on your feet is less. They are custom supports and this means that they can conform to the shape of your feet in order to provide support to the area which needs it most.

The main difference between orthotics and arch supports is that arch supports cannot customize themselves according to the individual who uses them. The case with orthotics is different as they are more flexible and conform to the shape of the individual’s foot arch properly. This means that while arch supports can only prove perfect for people whose arch is similar to that of the arch support while orthotics can prove perfect for one and all regardless of the shape of their arch. Their effectiveness can be seen from the fact that they are also used by physiotherapists & chiropractors

Conditions where Orthotics Would Prove Useful

Orthotics are created in such a manner that they provide strength and support to that region of your leg which needs it most. For instance, if your ankle is struggling from the pressure then your ankle would receive the most support. If it’s your foot arch where the pain lies then the orthotic would support the foot arch in order to ensure that there is little to no pain felt in the region while you stand up or walk. 

The most well-known conditions where orthotics are prescribed by doctors include:


Plantar Fasciitis (pain in the arch of the foot as well as the heel)


Tendonitis of the lower leg (pain in the shin and the Achilles)


Runner’s knee (pain in the knee)


liotibial Band Syndrome (pain in the knee)


Diabetic foot for those suffering from diabetes

Orthotics have gained popularity in use among patients suffering from any of these conditions

How to Use Orthotics

Orthotics should be used whenever you do tasks which caused you pain earlier. The orthotics are designed to help ease the pain and would deliver if you would use them 

Start with orthotics gradually by not wearing them for extended periods at the start. Wear them only to ensure that they conform to the shape of your feet. 

Once comfortable, start to wear them while performing tasks which caused you a lot of pain. With orthotics, your pain should be considerably reduced. 

Start running while wearing orthotics once you get completely comfortable with them. You can also indulge in sporting activities at this point while wearing orthotics. Since they help to prevent sports injury, wearing them while playing should keep you safe. 

Try to stay barefoot and walk a bit without orthotics in order to strengthen your ankle and your leg muscles. Don’t try it for too long though.

Keep Vaseline close so that you can apply it on regions where the skin might get aggravated as a result of constant friction with the orthotics. The Vaseline would keep your skin smooth. 

Buying Orthotics

It’s best to consult your doctor about the type of orthotics to buy as there is a wide selection of orthotics available in the market. If you want to buy on your own then you should read up a bit about foot sizes and which type of orthotic would suit your feet the best. If you buy the wrong orthotics, you might end up making your foot condition worse instead of better. 


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