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Plantar Fasciitis: a Common Injury in Runners

Sports can do you good but also have some risks

Physical activity is part of a healthy life and every person should practice it. Athletism and sports contribute to keep our bodies in shape, control our weight and improve our cardiorrespiratory performance. However, all physical activity also implies the risk of an injury. Gymnastics and physical disciplines should always be performed by amateurs under the watch of an experienced person. Even professional athletes and players are injuried every once in a while due to their activity. 

Especially in the case of amateurs, athletes injuries are often caused by overuse. The excess of excersise can harm our tissues, muscles and bones. Our body parts support several levels of impact and stress during physical activity, and when this stress goes beyond the body’s limits, or when it is applied the wrong way -such as in the case of postural imperfections or incorrect excersise performance- it can cause several injuries.

Runners and foot injuries


Orthotics are a Common Treatment for Foot Pain and Injuries

The Solution to Heel Pain

When you stand up or walk or run, you put a lot of pressure on your knees, your ankles and the arch of your foot. While all of them are made to withstand the pressure, there is a limit to their tolerance. If any of them is overworked, you remain at risk of foot pain that would hinder your ability to stand upright, to walk properly and to run or jog. Injuries are also part and parcel of life and they can also cause the same issues when the injury affects your leg. 

The thing about foot pain and foot injuries is that you won’t be able to do any of the routine tasks because of it. We rely on our feet a lot in order to complete any task as almost every task involves moving around at the very least. With severe foot pain, putting pressure on your leg becomes extremely painful and thus, it almost handicaps the person completely until the pain goes away. 

There can be a variety of reasons which cause foot pain but what’s important is that you find a solution the problem which would help in easing the pain. Orthotics remains one such treatment which can easily reduce foot pain and treat leg injuries too.  Read More...

Using Orthotics to Relief Foot Conditions

Understanding the Structure of our Body

A few decades ago, scientists used to say that the human body is the perfect machine. Truth is, our bodies have been perfected by millions of years of evolution and have reached quite a good level of complexity and adaptability. The very structure that supports us is like an architectural design and, in fact, it uses many of the principles that would later be applied to architecture in order to support buildings many stories tall.

The ostheoartromuscular system is what supports our weight as well as allows us to move. We have hard pillars, called bones, points of movement which are the joints, and elastic tissue like tendons that help us absorb the impact and keep our posture. Muscles also help supporting our body by providing the tension and strength needed to hold everything in position.  Read More...

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